Days’ End

Independently published by author Scott L. Collins (no star rating given for indies)

Summary: (science thriller)  Days’ End tells the story of a top-secret scientific research project funded by a fabulously wealthy but anonymous donor, set simultaneously against a series of global disasters that could herald the end of the world according to signs described in the book of Revelation. Setting: Los Angeles and Colorado

Review: Dr. Nysa Knight, a DNA retrieval expert at UCLA, receives a very strange–but tempting–offer to participate in a groundbreaking research project that will make her both famous and rich. The catch? She must “disappear” for a year or longer to an unknown location, during which time she may have absolutely no contact with her beloved fiance, Alastair Mann, or anyone else on the outside. And, she must commit without knowing what the research is about.

Meanwhile, a mysterious figure stands in Jerusalem proclaiming the End is now.

Who is the anonymous scientific benefactor, and why is he plagued by guilt? Why the emphasis on secrecy? How will this science project solve his problem? And is armageddon really approaching? The reader won’t know all the answers until the very end.

The plot premise of Days’ End is rooted in religion and science (cloning). Some scenes are set in laboratories, but there isn’t much technical content. There is general reference to DNA recovery and amplification from ancient sources, and piecing broken DNA sequences together into a functioning whole.

STRENGTHS:  Interesting premise links science and religion.  WEAKNESSES:  Plot needs more continuous action; too many breaks for backstory and actions like traveling.  The main characters’ choices don’t always seem convincing (Nysa asks too few questions about her new job; Alastair’s hunt feels reckless). Scientific success comes too easily.

PARENT ALERT: some profanity and non-graphic sex

If you like Days’ End, you should try The Genesis Code by John Case.

FCC disclaimer: A free e-copy of this book was given to me by the author for review.  As always, I made no guarantee that I would read the book or post a positive review.

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