The Death Trip

Independently published by Marion Stein (no star rating given for indies)

Summary:  (Medical thriller) The Simulated Life Elapsed Process aka The Death Trip is touted as a pharmaceutical alternative to end-of-life pain and suffering — a dream state that makes the user’s last minutes feel like years spent living the perfect existence. But is this one-way ride really the paradise promised by Panacium Inc?  Is the Death Trip “comfort care for the dying” or something more nefarious?

Review:  I bought this short ebook (maybe 100 pages if a paperback?) on the basis of the hook: a freaky, original twist on assisted suicide, and for a dollar I was not disappointed.  Stein writes with intelligence, and her novella is pretty well-edited overall.  The protagonist, Chuck, is an unsuccessful journalist whose beloved grandmother just took “the trip”.  He decides to write a story about the company–and to investigate the secret agenda his new girlfriend claims the company has.

STRENGTHS:  thought-provoking commentary on end of life issues, euthanasia, and the uncertainties inherent in research on the brain and death.  WEAKNESSES: cheesy and excessive plot twist near the end, with a cliffhanger ending so abrupt that I thought my e-reader had malfunctioned.  The unfinished ending bugged me, but what there is of the book stayed with me for a while, which is why I’m writing this review.

PARENT ALERT: profanity; sex

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