Reviews by Book Category

Science or Medical Thrillers: Novels (fiction) whose plots invoke scientific or medical themes, settings (hospitals, laboratories), or characters (doctors, scientists, medical examiners).  NOT the same thing as “science fiction”.

Nonfiction Thrillers: Compelling true stories written in the page-turning style of a thriller

Romantic Suspense: sci/med thrillers with a heavy dose of romance

Classic Thrillers: Influential thrillers with enduring popularity

Classic Science Fiction: Giants of SciFi, not SciThri

Other Thrillers: Political, legal, financial, etc.

LabLit: Books with significant scientific or medical themes, settings, or characters, but not necessarily thrillers (they’re not high-stakes, action-packed, plot-driven).  The term was coined by Dr. Jennifer Rohn in 2001; if you’re interested, check out her website devoted to “the culture of science in fiction and fact.”

Mysteries: need I say more?

Other: more stuff you might like to read

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