Warning Signs

by CJ Lyons

(very good; top 50% of SciThri)

Year published: 2009
Category: medical thriller; romantic suspense; series (#2)

Tech rating (out of 5):


Amanda Mason’s troubling medical symptoms are back and center stage in this excellent sequel to Lifelines. Unfortunately the one person most able to help her is the one person she wishes to hide from the most: Dr. Lucas Stone, the attending physician she refuses to admit she’s falling in love with.


Second release in CJ Lyons’ Angels of Mercy series set in a gritty Pittsburgh emergency room, spinning the lives and loves of an ensemble of four strong women with medical careers. This book belongs to Amanda Mason, the proper young medical student who is too proud and too insecure to accept the help she needs.

Two young women die of a perplexing and terrifying neurological syndrome that leaves them awake and alert but utterly paralyzed. Amanda shows early warning signs of the same condition. While in conscious denial, she investigates the cause. Meanwhile, the other three main characters fight their own battles against cheating boyfriends, bulimia, and in Lydia’s case, “the system”. Action-filled climax leads to a very satisfying resolution.

Like Lifelines, Warning Signs is part medical thriller, part mystery, part romantic suspense. Again, the men are totally hot, the kinds of guys any smart woman would want to be with. The book offers excellent pacing, can’t-put-it-down story lines, and superb use of medical terminology and concepts.

Plot themes in this book: emergency room drama; neurology; rowing; bulimia; toxic exposures; whole-body cooling; urban paramedics; locked-box syndrome; hyberbaric medicine

Pick this book up if: you loved the TV show ER

CJ Lyons’ Angels of Mercy series:
Lifelines (2008); Warning Signs (2009); Urgent Care (2009); Critical Condition (2010)

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