Web Treasure Tuesday: Science News for Kids

Parents and teachers MUST bookmark–or better yet, subscribe–to this Web Treasure: Science News for Kids, a digital publication of the Society for Science and the Public (the people who also bring us Science News magazine and the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair).

SNK provides truly outstanding articles about contemporary science news from a variety of fields: atoms & forces, earth & sky, humans & health, life, tech & math.  The articles are well-written and highly engaging.  They come with vocabulary lists at the end.  Additional resources specifically for educators can be found here.

Examples of some recent articles that caught my eye:  viruses that enter the brain through the nose, supercomputer Watson wins at Jeopardy!, germy weather, and plant-powered plastics.

I signed my daughter up to get these in her emailbox.  But don’t leave yourself out: curious adults will enjoy these articles too.  As your kids grow, switch them to the official grown-up version Science News, another web treasure.


Not all deadly plagues cause disease.  Petroplague by Amy Rogers

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2 Responses to Web Treasure Tuesday: Science News for Kids

  1. Thanks for these links, Amy. Science News For Kids looks to me like a good one for grown-up kids (like me) as well, given that real science news for the everyman is limited to “grabs” in the general mass media.

  2. CM Doran says:

    I agree! I love this treasure…..our Middle schoolers have read many of them. Thanks for posting.

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