Guest post: THE UNYIELDING FUTURE by Dr. Brian O’Grady

ScienceThrillers welcomes Brian O’Grady, neurosurgeon, triathlete, and author of Hybrid and a new thriller The Unyielding Future.

There are forces at play.Forces that can prevent massacres…or cause them. Stop murderers in their tracks…or inspire them. Save the world…or destroy it.

A doctor and his family are about to discover these forces. They are going to play a role in a future that needs changing but seems unyielding. And they are going to learn more about our world than they ever imagined – or ever wished to know.

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Guest post by Brian O’Grady

The Unyielding Future is my third novel and my personal favorite, in part because it was the easiest to write. Instead of creating an entire cast of characters from my imagination I cheated and populated the story with members of my family, friends and colleagues. Whenever I got stuck I could nonchalantly stroll up to one of my real life avatars and ask them a purely hypothetical question that usually started with the phrase: ‘have you ever thought what you would do if…’. Now that’s my kind of research.

Using the people that make up my life had the unintended consequence of pulling me emotionally into the story. Initially I had intended upon a short story with a limited scope, but like all living things the novel had its own ideas and soon I found myself struggling with questions that have no good answers.

In the real world I am a neurosurgeon. I am the person you see when bad things, often times very bad things have happened or are happening. After almost thirty years of practicing medicine I have some baggage and unintentionally I tapped into that when I started The Unyielding Future.  As a physician I have cloaked myself in the robes of science, but more times than I care to remember I have felt naked standing in front of a patient or a family explaining that for them things will never be the same. Which has led me to ask myself more times than I care to remember the simplest and most difficult question: why?

My experience is not unique, and I have over the years watched as colleagues try to find solace in the science of medicine taking the position that we are all simply intelligent, self-aware biologic machines that will in time break and require replacing. Or watched as others turn to God, silently whispering or proclaiming loudly that everything happens as God wills it. The Unyielding Future charts a different path. I believe that given enough time we will answer all the great scientific questions and in the end know the mind of God (I’m purposely bastardizing Stephen Hawking’s take on Albert Einstein’s quote). However without God those answers are rather empty and somewhat meaningless. Still I have great difficulty with the belief that all things occur at the behest of God, for if that is the case He can be one cruel bastard and the concept of free will is mere illusion.

The Unyielding Future is not a religious or a scientific book. It’s a novel that can be read as superficially as the reader desires, or as deep as the reader is compelled.

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